10 Funniest Comedy Movies of 2011


A comedy movie can be your escape to the every day’s stress. In 2011, there were a number of movies that made it to the box office. These are the funniest films that would leave you laughing your heart out. You probably missed some of these movies, so it’s worth checking them out.1. The Hangover Part II. The second Hangover movie is a refinement of the first. Watchers said it’s funnier too, despite the obvious fact that there are some originality issues. Some parts were a little bit predictable, but good story and excellent performances of the actors combined to make this movie a hit. No wonder it is one of the highest grossing comedy film of 2011. 2. A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas. The weird thing is that the movie was released not on Christmas but around Thanksgiving. Anyway, the movie has its own laughter-inducing recipe. The combo includes silly lines and weird characters. The story revolves around Harold and Kumar, who are long time friends meeting each other after six years. But things took an odd turn when they unintentionally burned down a Christmas tree. 3. Crazy, Stupid, Love. There is a reason this movie is included in the top 10 comedy movies for 2011. This is about a man who, after divorcing his wife, learns that he doesn’t know how to attract women. A handsome and smart guy comes to the rescue to teach him how it’s done.4. Tucker and Dale vs Evil. This horror/comedy film of 2011 stars Alan Tudyk and Tyler Lebine as two unruly college students. Some people may not like the goriness though, but those who are not too squeamish may find many scenes both horrible and hilarious. 5. Horrible Bosses. Three guys don’t get too lucky with their bosses. So, they take on a plan to take revenge, but things don’t exactly go to their favor. Jennifer Aniston becomes one of the terrible bosses, this time a dentist who sensually tortures her assistant. The other bosses are equally despicable. 6. 50/50. The title is thought about by Will Reiser, who had cancer. Together with director Jonathan Levine, he brought the comedy film 50/50 to life. The film was not only funny but also moving. It is about a 27-year-old radio journalist who finds out he has cancer of the spine and a cheating girlfriend.7. Bad Teacher. Cameron Diaz became a bad teacher in this hilarious movie. She is not your typical junior high school teacher. She’s not well mannered. She’s blunt, definitely not a sweet talker. When her affluent husband-to-be dumped her, the egocentric teacher had to win the heart of another wealthy guy, Scott Delacorte, at all costs.  8. The Change-up. The story of this film is somewhat familiar. It is the classic be-careful-what-you-wish-for film. The fun begins when two childhood buddies, a married lawyer and a bachelor, wishing to be in each other’s shoes, get their wishes come true. 9. Bridesmaids. This female comedy film is one of the top grossers in Hollywood. The two-hour long chick flick focuses on the lighter side of women’s relationships. 10. Kung Fu Panda 2. Starring the voices of Angelina Jolie, Lucy Liu, and Jacky Chan, Kung Fu Panda 2 takes us back to the world of Po, who this time becomes a warrior and savior of the world. Source: Free Articles from

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