Month: April 2021


Backyards of Key West Podcast with Mark Baratto 93: Musician Wade Bowen

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The Tom Flip Key West Podcast

36: #36 Paul Murphy

Paul Murphy is a KING, a Fantasy Fest King to be exact. We discuss making the move to tropical paradise…

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The Local Side of Key West

14: Best Music Venues

This week is all about My favorite music venues! — Send in a voice message:

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Allegiant Air begins nonstop flights between Pittsburgh, Key West

Allegiant air will start with non stop flights between Pittsburgh and Key West starting on June 3, 2021 Pittsburgh to…

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Margaritaville Podcast

109: I Gotta Go Where It’s Warm!

I travel to Cancun, Mexico and stay at the Margaritaville Island Reserve Riviera Maya Resort. I get a tan, jump…

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Blame it on Buffett Podcast

Blame It On Buffett Podcast 34: Episode 34 | Margarita Chris

My guest this week is Margarita Chris and I mean, with a nickname like that, how could I not invite…

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Flying the Citation XL to Key West

Capt. Moonbeam writes: Flying the Cessna Citation private jet to the Key West International Airport. The takeoff and landing as…

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Backyards of Key West podcast

Backyards of Key West Podcast with Mark Baratto 40: Getting Caffeinated with Cuban Coffee Queen

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Keys Bartender Episode 427-Who’s Your Daddy?/You Don’t Pay My Bills! – Keys Bartender

Jim starts out explaining the similarities between a Bar life and childhood. Are there rights we are ready to give…

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Stories We Could Tell (podcast)

Stories we could tell 24: Episode 24/ Somebody elses Trouble

Join Clay Eals and me to talk about the Amazing Steve Goodman, Jimmy Buffet, and people he interviewed for this…

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