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A Complete Key West Map


Key West refers to a Southern settlement in the United States and is located at the bottom of the Florida Keys. Key West has also gained a lot of popularity because of the the tolerant and broad minded spirit of it’s people. Here is a key west map giving you a quick but still detailed overview of Key west.The Key West map gets special attention by cruisers due to it’s dependable climate and also due to it’s very special history holding special characters in it. If you also tread to Ernest Hemmingway you can fill yourself with the mysterious feeling of getting lost in treasure hunt tales and amazingly cosmopolitan set of localsIn 1969 a cruise ship stayed here in Key West when it wasn’t even so famed then. Nowadays, however, hundreds of cruise ships appear at its port every year. The port at the moment has three piers pretty much near the town making your visit even more convenient.Yes, Key West has become quite a popular destination in today’s day and age. In fact, a lot of cruises go there now from Port Canaveral, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa and even Jacksonville. The Key West port is usually also the very first stop in a Bahamas itinerary. Jamaica, Cuba loop and Grand Cayman are some more routes which include Key West in their series of halts. Cruise lines like Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Holland America offer the mentioned routes oftenErnest Hemingway used to live in Key West and because of this, his old home can be found on the Key West map today as the Hemingway museum. Hemmingway was well known for his novel based on Key West’s depression years and also for his favourite habits like drinking and fishing, and his mutant pet cats. A lot of material; witnesses the depression years can be seen in the museum.Here on the Key West map anther significant place you see is the Mallory Square. Here, visitors will be able to enjoy the evening jamboree, which is filled with psychics, clowns, magicians, mimes and jugglers – a great venue of entertainment for anybody’s itinerary. Another good way to see the place is booking tickets for a 30 min guided trolley tour showing all attractions of the place from the station office in the old town. The tour takes you around nine locations and you are free to get off it wherever you like. The guided trolley tour helps you in taking a look at all the interest significant sites in the town as it runs through it. 

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At old town you can get the Key West map and several leaflets for places hosting tourists in case you want to visit any.

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