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Blame It On Buffett Podcast 28: Episode 28 | Mick Utley, Brendan Mayer, and Erin McAnally from Floating Collective

Hello phriends! Do you love amazing music? Do you love Jimmy Buffett connections? Do you love ALL THE PUNS? Then you are going to love this episode! My guests this week are Mick Utley, Brendan Mayer, and Erin McAnally, also known as the new band Floating Collective. Their single On the Run is the kind of music I love, with a Folk/Americana feel and lots of awesome harmonies, so I was super excited to get to chat with them about it. We talk about what inspires their music, what it was like growing up as kids of the Coral Reefers, and of course I had to get in a question about their beverages of choice.Be sure to stick around after the interview to hear their single, On the Run!

The charity they chose for this episode’s donation from Blame it on Buffett is MusiCares, an organization dedicated to providing a safety net of critical health and welfare services to the music community. You can find out more information about what they do here:

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