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Bridges of the Florida Keys

42 bridges connect over 100 islands over 126 miles

The most popular of the 42 bridges throughout the Florida Keys is the Seven Mile Bridge which opened in 1912. Connecting Knight’s Key in the Middle Keys to Little Duck Key in the Lower Keys. Among the longest bridges in existence when it was built, it is part of the Overseas Highway in the Florida Keys, which is part of the 2,369-mile U.S. Route 1.

In total, there are 18.8 miles of bridges between mainland Florida all the way south to opening of Key West.

Many businesses along US1 (aka Overseas Highway) will designate their mile marker when displaying their address.  This gives locals and visitors alike a good idea of where they are located within the Keys (Upper Keys, Middle Keys, Lower Keys).

Here is a list of all bridges in the Florida Keys as well as their Mile Marker:


Bridge Name Mile Marker
Jewfish Creek Bridge 106
Key Largo Cut 103.5
Tavernier Creek 91
Snake Creek 86
Whale Harbor 84
Tea Table Relief 80
Tea Table 79
Indian Key 78
Lignumvitae 77.8
Channel 2 73
Channel 5 71
Long Key 65
Toms Harbor 3 61
Toms Harbor 4 60
Vaca Cut 53
Seven Mile 47
Little Duck Missouri 39.5
Missouri-Ohio 39
Ohio-Bahia Honda 38
Bahia Honda 36
Spanish Harbor 33.5
North Pine 29.5
South Pine 28.5
Torch Key Viaduct 28
Torch-Ramrod 27.5
Nile Channel 26
Kemps Channel 23.5
Bow Channel 20
Park 18.5
North Harris 18
Harris Gap 17.5
Harris 16
Lower Sugarloaf 15.5
Saddle Bunch 2 14.5
Saddle Bunch 3 14
Saddle Bunch 4 13
Saddle Bunch 5 12.5
Shark Channel 11.8
Rockland Channel 10
Boca Chica 6
Stock Island 5
Key West 4

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