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of the highlights of the wedding can be at the reception, when you get all of
your guests out on the dance floor for a fun and exciting time. If you really want
guests to get up and dance, the best way to ensure that will happen is to have
some great music for them to dance to. While having a DJ is an okay option,
hiring wedding singers or wedding music bands is really a way to create a once
in a lifetime event.
There are many different types of wedding singers and bands for hire, so you
can find something that will suit your needs, whatever style of music you
prefer. You could go for a traditional wedding singer who will provide your
reception with the classics. Full swing bands are very popular now, and they
will play some great jazz and swing tunes that are sure to get your guests
moving. Though these are the more typical options for weddings, the
possibilities for what you could do with a live band or singer are really
endless. If you like American country music, go ahead and find a bluegrass band
or country singer. Or if you’re into rock, there’s no reason why you can’t
actually have a rock band perform at your wedding.
If you are considering a wedding singer or band for your reception, there are a
few things to keep in mind when you go out looking for performers. The internet
can be a great place to start your searching and do a little background
research, but if you want to make sure you get some really talented people you
need to take things a bit further. Make sure to meet with the bands or singers
in person so you can ask them some of the important questions – you’ll want to
know what their rates are and if they’re available on your date, but be sure to
dig a little deeper as well. Ask about experience, ask them to describe a
typical wedding that they’ve done, and how they would approach playing at your
wedding. If you’re having a cocktail hour you can ask if that would be
included, and what type of music they would normally play for that.
You will also want to make sure you actually hear the singer or band’s music
before your hire them. Most good groups will provide a CD for you to listen to
of their work, and you can usually find videos of their performances on the
internet. Also ask if they are doing any upcoming performances that you would
be able to attend, so you can really get a feel for how they perform live. 

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