Do I need to wear a mask in Key West?

Readers Digest Version: Yes; Details Below

The City of Key West recently released posters for businesses to display regarding wearing a mask in Key West.

Here is a run down of the new abnormal:

Not at home? Wear a mask.

  • Inside your hotel room? NO
  • Inside the lobby? YES
  • At the pool? YES
  • At a restaurant while eating or drinking?
    • Yes, to enter
    • Yes, while speaking to the server
    • No, if seated at the table and eating or drinking
    • Yes, if moving about the restaurant
  • Alone in your own car? No
  • In a taxi, Uber, Lyft, etc? YES
  • At a salon or barbershop? YES to enter. NO, if you are seated and the mask interferes with service.
  • While walking around Key West? YES
  • While shopping in Key West? YES
  • While at the beach? YES

Here is the city’s version as an Adobe PDf file:

Information source:

As of now, facial coverings are mandatory until June 1, 2021.

Furthermore, police officers can issue a citation of up to $500 to individuals OR business that are in violation.

The Monroe County Board of County Commissioners says a covering over the nose and mouth may include a face mask, homemade mask, or other cloth, silk, or linen covering, such as a scarf, bandana, handkerchief, or other similar cloth covering.

Medical and surgical face masks, such as N95 masks, should be reserved for health care personnel and other first responders with the greatest need for such personal protective equipment.

Children 6 years old or younger are not required to wear a mask.

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