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This article discusses free music downloads and the hazards
of downloading the wrong materials. It talks about the shifts that are now
occurring in the music industry and the fact that there is now a substantial
amount of free music on the web that is available for free as a legal music

While downloading music is one of the most popular online
activities, besides social networking and playing games, there is a lot of
information that is not made available to the public at large.


There are a number of serious issues that should be
understood when downloading music (which most people overlook) and there are
also ways to obtain free music that are simply unknown by the majority of
people online.


This is very important when considering the growing trend by
the large music companies, of suing individuals who infringe on their
copyrights. Court records show a large number of out of court settlements, with
fines ranging from $3000 to $5000, and maximum awards in excess of $250,000.


As if the fines and legal issues where not enough of a
problem now there is the added danger of downloading music imbedded with
spyware and viruses. The need to be cautious in your quest for free
downloadable music is evident.


Having access to free music download files means that you
can enjoy as much music as you want in your own home whenever you want it. You
will find that many musicians are now freely giving away their music as a way
to promote themselves and their bands. The concept of free legal downloads
means that you have permission from the author or creator to download their
intellectual property.


Free music downloads have surged in popularity since the
emergence of the Internet and even more so in the last few years. With the
advent of iTunes, the mass population has become more accustomed to buying
their music from the Internet in the form of single track downloads from
membership websites. No longer is it necessary to purchase an entire album when
you really only want a single track.


A huge shift occurred and people have moved toward digital
media for the ease of use and speed of acquisition that it offers. As suchPsychology Articles,
more and more people have begun to search the Internet for music rather than
going to the local record shop.


Geoff Bergey

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