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French Gentleman Wenger Has an Affair with a Singer

It seems that the English Premier League is where the sexual scandal happens. Eriksson, Cristiano Ronald, Ashley Cole, John Terry and Wayne Rooney are all somehow related to this topic. You would never believe that the so called Professor, the Arsenal coach Wenger the French gentle man has a fair with a female singer for more than 2 years. Since Winger became the coach of Arsenal, he had been described as gentle and elegant. As you can see the romantic French guy was under estimated. Why these football stars are so energetic about this, even the old man. If you were the top player of the league, can you resist the temptation?

He is No Different

The British newspaper Daily Mirror says that Wenger’s fair with the pop singer. The 61 year old coach has married and her wife’s name is Anne Brashest. His wife is a PE teacher and they have a 13 year old daughter. It seems that this energetic man is not satisfied with happy family. The Daily Mirror also revealed the heroin’s name, her name is Sonia Tatar and she is a single mother. Winger encountered her in a restaurant two ears ago. The paper also revealed that Winger had a time with this single mother after the game with Shakhtar Donetsk in Paris. Winger declined about the relationship and he asked the media not invade his privacy. Others papers like The Sun and Super Deporte are quite about this issue and Winger replied that he will handle this properly. The heroin Tatar admitted her relation with Winger and she said she loves Winger. She truly wants to keep this valuable relationship.


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