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Todays travelers now bring along all of the comforts of their homes due to all of the developments that have taken place since those early years of the “I Love Lucy Show”. One of the first things that people brought on board their RVs and trailers was a TV set that they would plug in as soon as they got to their destination if their rabbit ear antenna could get any local reception. When video tape technology made its debut, of course people were quick to drag a tape machine on board and with an electrical converter hooked up they could watch their tapes as the traveled down the road. Satellite TV came along and a soon as the dishes became small enough they were plugged on the roofs of RVs and people could then enjoy their favorite satellite TV programming as soon as they arrived at their destination and came to a stop. The reason that they had to wait until they came to a stop is because the dishes couldn’t pick up any satellite signals while the vehicle was moving, so people got around this as best as they could be prerecording programming, if their receiver had a DVR in it.Now all that has changed, because thanks to a revolutionary new satellite TV programming service called “Mobile Dish” a traveler can now have one-hundred channels of satellite TV programming to select from while their RV is zooming down the open highway. Its a new service that was launched by Dish Network after years of research and development and it is now changing the way that people travel everywhere.As anyone that has done any travel on the open highway knows the sight-seeing isn’t always picture perfect and this particularly holds true in the evenings. Having this new level of entertainment on board can be a real life saver particularly if there are youngsters who need to be kept entertained. This new state of the art system also does away with the satellite dish on the roof that tended to get snagged from time to time and replaces it with a new streamlined, low profile antenna that hugs the roof of the RV and doesn’t have to be set up and taken down at every stop. Now with Mobile Dish, travelers can get the same level of entertainment in their RVs as they can at home.  

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