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Inaugural Key West Mermaid Festival

Inaugural Key West Mermaid Festival

Event Date: 2019-07-05 00:00:00


A fin-tastic three-day weekend event designed to educate and raise awareness of the beautiful oceans is to be packed with many fun and 'mervelous' events. From Sunsets and Mojitos with Mermaids and a Salty Street Fair, to evenings of live performances along the Keys' salty shores, attendees can enjoy mermaid meet-ups, book readings and signings, and more.

Key West, Florida, United States
Key West, Florida, United States
Key West
United States

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Additional Event Details: http://eventful.com/keywest/events/inaugural-key-west-mermaid-festival-/E0-001-120932088-4?utm_source=apis&utm_medium=apim&utm_campaign=apic

Geoff Bergey

Florida Native, Traveler, Photographer, Lover of Life, Clouds and Key Lime Pie.

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