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It’s Too Early with Gwen Filosa 22: Robert A. Jensen

Robert A. Jensen, owner of the world’s largest disaster management company, Kenyon International Emergency Services, joined me on Aug. 16, 2021. 

His book is Personal Effects: What Recovering the Dead Teaches Me About Caring for the Living.
GQ called Jensen, “the best at the worst job in the world.”

From Macmillan Publishers:
Jensen “has spent most of his adult life responding to tragedy. From the Oklahoma City bombing, 9/11, and the Bali bombings, to the 2004 South Asian Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, the 2010 Haitian Earthquake, and the Grenfell Tower Fire, Jensen has been at the practical level of international incidents, assisting with the recovery of bodies, identifying victims, and repatriating and returning their personal effects to the surviving family members.”

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