Stand Up Comedy Tips That Help Comics Entertain The Crowd Easily


They say that laughter is good medicine, and that’s true. If you have a good laugh often, you’ll become healthier, in a better mood, and so on. If you wish to be a funny person, to be specific, if you yearn to know how to become a comedian, you’ve reached the right article. Below you’ll find stand up comedy tips that will without doubt enable you to entertain the crowd:Tip Number One: Observe yourself.One of the most important tips for people who desire to be comics is for them to listen to themselves or observe their performances. How do they do that? If you’re an aspiring comedian, how do you actually observe your performance? The answer: record your performance either on a tape recorder, or with a video cam. By observing and listening to your jokes, skits, etc, you’ll definitely learn to be a funny person as you’ll discover what you need to retain and what you need to revise so that you’ll be able to successfully entertain the crowd.Another tip on how to become a comedian is to practice your performance in front of a mirror. You should look at your gestures, facial expressions, basically how you tell a joke or share a funny experience. Keep in mind one of the vital stand up comedy tips: most people do not only judge you by the content of your jokes – they also look at how you perform and how you crack those jokes, thus, you should look at yourself in the mirror, practice, and if you don’t find yourself funny, then, you surely won’t be a funny person in the eyes of your audience.Tip Number Two: Watch other comics, specifically the expert ones perform.To more effectively entertain the crowd, another technique of how to become a comedian is to watch the performance of other comedians, to be specific, the seasoned comedians. You should spend time in comedy bars/clubs, watch comedy TV shows, etc, so that you can learn from the seasoned comics.Part of the list of stand up comedy tips is that you should observe the experts thoroughly first so you can get ideas for your own performance, not only in terms of content, but also in terms of voices, gestures, expressions, and so on. Remember to refrain from being a copy cat, though, as you won’t be a funny person (a genuine one) if you just copy the performance of others. Whether you’re an aspiring comic, or one who has some experience and is able to entertain the crowd with your performance, it is best that you watch other comedians perform from time to time just to get inspiration and improve on your skills and skits.Tip Number Three: Consider your kind of audience before cracking your jokes on stage. One of the strategies of how to become a comedian is for you to analyze the audience first before your every performance. For example, if there are transsexuals in the audience, you should not make fun of transsexuals during your performance, or you should not crack insulting jokes that focus on transsexuals. How can you successfully be a funny person if you make below the belt hits on a part of the audience?These stand up comedy tips will definitely help you in your mission to be a funny person so you better follow these tips.Source: Free Articles from

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