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West LA Music grew up with rock ‘n roll and they became a recognized force in this industry in the early 1970s. They supply equipment to some of the top musicians all over the world. They have been known to be on stage at the California Jams in the 1970s and they have that also had a big presence in the digital multimedia era during the 1990s and have collaborated and helped some of the best players in the music industry today. You can find pretty much anything you want at West LA Music from drums, keyboards, guitars, amplifiers, recording equipment, DJ equipment, music software, synthesizers and accessories. If you’re looking for products for the lead manufacturers in the industry West LA Music can get it for you. They also have decades of expertise in formulating the right equipment packages for your production needs. In fact the first product that was sold by them was a Standel Amp back in 1967.Rick Waite is responsible for artist relations down there, and has been with them for over 25 years now. Rick has been playing guitar since he was in high school. He was also friends with Toto and Chicago before they went big-time.He’s also very personal and easy to get along with, and you’ll realize this very quickly if you ever enter their store and see him there. One of the things that motivates Rick most about working at West LA Music, is the fact that he commonly sees people walk in there that are famous musicians you might see on TV or Commercials. Rick thinks it’s a real honor to provide professional music equipment to these people. One of Rick Waite’s claim to fame for building West LA Music, was back in the early 1970s, he was out developing personal relationships with Don Griffin with some of the top musicians of the time. Rick thinks it’s fascinating to hang around the pros and believes that you need to hang with the professionals to be a pro yourself.He also believes you really need to be serious and work with them, because professionals have high expectations and not everyone is able to meet those expectations. West LA Music has an expert sales staff that’s constantly doing business with manufacturer reps. So not only do the pros shop here but guess what they also work here. They have people associated with them that have scored films, gotten on TV commercials, performed with the major artists, have done orchestrations but the common thread they all have is they’ve been inside West LA music and done business with them. Some could argue it’s a very close environment and that they are one big giant happy family down there.West LA music also has an artist relations department that can help you get all your music and audio recording needs met. Whether you need a musical instrument or home recording studio or you want to outfit a complete tour they can help you get started. You can count on the best prices anywhere on every major brand of gear that they offer. They will even be happy to facilitate some type of endorsement deal on any brand that they carry. You now have a chance to join forces with thousands of satisfied professionals who have also shopped at West LA music for over three decades.West LA music is a company who is dedicated themselves tirelessly to do extremely great quality service and also brings you the best ideas and technology, and takes the time to evaluate your personal needs and also find the best cost-effective solutions to all of your music projects. The end goal is to have an awesome system that’s properly engineered and that performs to your specific requirements. They also realize that success does not happen overnight, and that it takes careful planning to achieve the most optimum results. There trained staff will personally work with you to make sure that the solutions they provide to your audio recording challenges are the best they can be. Whether you need help with live sound reinforcement, keyboard labs or project recording studios, they can help you.The list of West LA Music Studios Installation Gallery clients are extremely impressive. Some of their clients include Val Garay, Billy Bob Thornton, The CW Networks Incorporated, The Five Guys Named Moh Incorporated, Village Studios, Levels Audio Post, Boyle Heights Technology Youth Center, and many more.Mark Spiwak has over three decades of experience in the music industry, and is the lead audio and recording manager as well as the most senior salesperson at West LA Music. Mark primarily deals with all the high-end musicians as well as engineers. His specialty is creating custom studio solutions for the film and audio industry alike. Mark got a strong start in his career playing for some of the top national authorities and started recording and touring throughout the United States and Europe. As a born musician, in 1975, he was an employee of the Guitar Center in Hollywood and his ambition pushed him to open up seven more stores around the United States for them.In 1986, Mark opened a couple stores that he owned himself called Midi City. However in the last two decades, Mark has made West LA Music his home, and his clients are the cream of the crop which include actors, film composers, musicians, as well as high-end postproduction facilities. As if this wasn’t enough, Pres. Ronald Reagan was even one of Mark Spiwak’s clients. Mark is happy working for West LA Music, and is also excited about all the challenges it presents. He feels that working with some of the most talented people in the music industry is the best present life can offer.Joe Taupier is the head of business sales down at West LA music and began his career back in 1987 and has been working for this company for the last 10 years. Joe has been able to create several digital recording systems for some of the leading postproduction facilities and music studios in the country today.And who knows, if you’re looking for a job you can actually send them your salary history or e-mail them or fill out their online application. They have a careers link on their website. So if you’re looking for a job and are interested in music, this just might be the place you want to work.Source: Free Articles from

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