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Alex Counts – Pioneer to End Global Poverty & Celebrated Author

Alex Counts had a world of opportunity awaiting him after graduating from Cornell University. Yet he made the choice to travel the globe with an agenda to change the world.

While spending over a decade in Bangladesh, Counts played a critical role in the global microcredit movement, which he utilized as an essential tool to battle world poverty. In addition, he established the Grameen Foundation, which grew to become a leading international humanitarian organization, with the support of his mentor, Nobel laureate Dr. Muhammad Yunus.

Today, Counts is a professor at the University of Maryland and continues to share his leadership and philanthropic experiences with local leaders, including nonprofits and boards across the world. Counts, who has been published in The Washington Post, The Miami Herald and many other national publications, joins us on the Florida Keys Weekly Podcast to discuss his latest book, “When In Doubt Ask For More: And 213 Other Life & Career Lessons for the Mission-Driven Leader.” Whether you are new to boards or have years of fundraising involvement, we promise Counts’ motivating approach and decades of shared experiences have the power to inspire you or your organization.

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