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Backyards of Key West Podcast with Mark Baratto 234: 234 – Redefining Sweetness: A Dive into Doozee Bespoke Ice Cream Bar Shop with Buck Epstein

Join Mark Baratto in this delightful episode as he engages in a conversation with Buck Epstein, one of the masterminds behind Doozee Bespoke Ice Cream Bar Shop. Explore Buck’s entrepreneurial journey, the allure of the ice cream business, and the innovative concepts reshaping the game.

More on Doozzee Bespoke Ice Cream Bar Shop🍦

Indulge in the reimagined world of ice cream at Doozee, where the traditional meets the avant-garde. Nestled in a 650 sq feet space on Duval Street, Key West, Florida, Doozee has transformed into a sophisticated, music-infused, and social media-friendly haven. Picture a bar counter resembling an ice sculpture, tended by “Bar” tenders crafting velvety smooth, all-natural Madagascar vanilla ice cream bars dipped in luxury hard-shell coatings. Choose from an array of toppings, from classic nuts and sprinkles to exotic options like Rose Petals, Dom Perignon Gummy Bears, and Grand Marnier Chocolate Pecans. With 5 million unique combinations, every bespoke order is a sweet symphony.

🌐 Explore Doozee:

📍 Location: 123 Duval St, Key West, FL 33040

⌚ Hours: 10am-10pm, 7 days a week

Discover the magic behind Doozee’s revolutionary approach to ice cream, where each visit promises a bespoke adventure in flavor. Don’t miss this flavorful journey – tune in now!

Geoff Bergey

Florida Native, Traveler, Photographer, Lover of Life, Clouds and Key Lime Pie.

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