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Blame It On Buffett Podcast 23: Episode 23 | B-Man and mi-Shell

This week my guests are the lovely trop rock duo B-Man and mi-Shell! They are both retired from the Air Force and are now down in Key West playing music and living the good life. We talk about how they got their catchy nicknames, the great virtual shows they have been putting on this year, and so much more! Be sure to check out their youtube channel and hit subscribe to support them.

This episode is also the introduction of my new idea for bringing the purpose to “party with a purpose” for this podcast. Every episode I will have the guest pick their favorite charity and then the podcast (which is just me, haha), will be making a donation to that charity! So for each new episode there will be a great charity for us all to learn about and donation will be made. I am pretty excited about it and I hope you are too. For anyone who is choosing to use that Support button on anchor and helping to support this podcast financially, thank you so much and please know that part of your donations are helping to support these awesome causes as well.

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