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Blame It On Buffett Podcast 32: Episode 32 | The Return of Mike Nash

The podcast has come full circle and after a year of not going anywhere I am back at an in person house concert interviewing Mike Nash! If you want to listen to my first episode with him for more of his life and music background, you can go back and check that out, but in this episode we chat more about how things have been for him this past year and what things will look like going forward. It was just so nice to see and talk to people in real life and I got to test my new mic in the field which was exciting!

The charity Mike chose for this episode is Montana Warriors on the Water and you can find out more about them here:

Check out all things Mike Nash at:

Have some fun at the SOB festival:

More information about SWIM can be found at:

(Also I just realized I forgot to share my contact info in this episode, oops! You can email me at or follow me on all the social medias at @blamebuffettpod)

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