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Blame It On Buffett Podcast 26: Episode 26 | Hank Harawood from the Under 40 Victims of Fate Podcast

Hello phriends! My guest this week is Hank Harawood, one of the co-hosts of the new Buffett related podcast Under 40 Victims of Fate. In a classic amateur hour move I totally forgot to give him a chance to plug the socials for the podcast so please make sure you go check them out at the various links below! This was a fun, truly Buffett focused chat and in the second half of the podcast we really deep dive into what it means to be a JB fan, the different types of fans, and why it really hurts when people say they love or don’t love Jimmy because of Margaritaville. It was an eye-opening conversation for me and I think if you are a Jimmy fan, you will find it super interesting too!

The charity Hank chose is Catering to Cats and Dogs, and animal related charities are always close to my heart, so please go check them out here:

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The podcast:—A-Jimmy-Buffett-Podcast-eocjs6

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