Comedy Is Fun But T Shirts Are Funny


We all enjoy watching comedy series whether it were from the past such as the UK favourite Only Fool’s And Horses or the Inbetweeners or the Phone Shop comedy series. Watching these series from the past to the present are always a good time past in the evening or the night. So wouldn’t you want to tell everyone what your favourite comedy series is?For example if you loved watching the Inbetweeners we know that there are quite a few catchy phrases like “Briefcase Guy” and the “One Door Car”. These sort of phrases will be printed on t shirts and hooded tops and anything that can imagine being printed it will be most probably have it printed. Why you may ask? Quite simply because people want to show off to their friends that they keep up with the latest comedy on television of on the internet. Plus if a boy wears something funny on a t shirt and they go to college or university then they will be drawing attention to themselves from the ladies and that’s what they want, attention from good looking girls. Even older guys like to draw attention to themselves. I know of when the Hangover the film cam out there were quite a few funny slogans coming out on funny t shirts and hooded tops and they make very good clothing for the summer days or for the winter months. What a lot of comedy fanatics and fashion conscious people will do is print there own t shirts and hooded tops. They do this to release their creativity for what they love. Also people will love wearing music related likewise to comedy because people love wearing things that are popular to get them noticed to themselves and to people. People don’t want to wear something old or something that was designed 3 years ago, not that there is anything wrong that was 3 years ago but people want to wear latest designs and slogans because that is what the trend is. The best thing about watching a comedy movie is that you could be watching something at night time and if you have your own printing method of designing and printing then you can be wearing your own inspired slogans from the movies. The quickest way to be able to print these slogans yourself is to print it on your home computer on special transfer paper, then heat press it on some old clothing you have and then you can wear that clothes the very next day at college or at university to show off to your friends and attract them ladies. The best thing is that you will not have had to spend literally $30 on a t shirt that you would only wear once but now you can keep on designing your own comedy catchy slogan to impress and to keep the creative wheel keep on going round. So if you love your comedy show you could even go as far as getting an I love my comedy show printed on a t shirt to show everyone when you go out. Source: Free Articles from

The writer of this article loves wearing funny t shirts and he loves writing anything to do with funny t shirt.

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