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David Meisky | Lunchtime Lecture: Southern Money During the War Between the States

David Meisky | Lunchtime Lecture: Southern Money During the War Between the States
Presented By David Meisky During the Civil War, the southern states used various types of money. In addition to the national currency issued by the Confederacy, the individual states issued bills, as did certain local counties and cities. To compound the problem banks, railroads, canals, mills, factories and other sources issued separate notes.  Before the war, there was no US government issued paper currency, but there were hundreds of different types of privately issued bills, and all this gave rise to a great deal of counterfeiting. The Confederacy also minted coins, sort of; They created anywhere from four to several million coins, depending on how you count them. In this presentation, we will look at examples of Civil War currency and discuss the different types of money used. If you have examples of period money, please bring them to the event. While Mr. Meisky cannot assign a value to the coins and bills, like the appraisers on Antiques Roadshow and Pawn Star, he can give some insight into the history of the item. About the Presenter: David Meisky grew up in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington DC where he worked for the US government, in private business, and in the libraries at Northern Virginia Community College and the Fairfax County Public Library before retiring seven years ago and moving to the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. He majored in history George Mason University. Meisky volunteered as a reenactor with the Fairfax Rifles until "he joined AAA (Age, Asthma, and Arthritis)." He is a member of Lee's Lieutenants  Living History portraying William "Extra Billy" Smith, Virginia Governor, state senator, lawyer and stage line operator, member of the US and CS House of Representatives, California 49er, and Confederate general. Meisky has given presentations on Confederate currency and "Extra Billy" historical societies, civil war round tables, coin clubs.  
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