Key West Body Artist

While Reubens, Michelangelo and Gauguin might be famous for their paintings of Adam and Eve, they never had the opportunity to paint in The Garden of Eden; they also never got to paint on Eve. Among other things, Michael Epperhart makes shirts, however he does it without a needle and thread. He uses paint. In the clothing optional roof top club of the Garden of Eden bar, Michael offers those who are a “little” shy, another option.

On a typical Friday night, between 10 – 15 women he has never met before come to Mike, give him money, and take off their tops. Mike’s gift is in replacing the removed top with a wearable piece of art. Applying a foundation typically used for face paint, but FDA approved for anywhere on the body, Mike goes to work.

At their request, Mike will create a bikini, corset, baseball jersey or any other top they desire. Incredibly, his female clients have no problem with a man painting their breasts, but maybe that is Mike’s real gift. Putting people at ease while he creates for them something so personal that it can only fit them. Lasting only until their next hot shower, for the moment,With the excitement of the night life in a clothing optional bar, you will find a great time in this Key West atmosphere lifestyle.

Key West Body Artist from Key West Body Artist on Vimeo.

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Geoff Bergey

Florida Native, Traveler, Photographer, Lover of Life, Clouds and Key Lime Pie.

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