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Self Promotion Starts the Fire

are in a band, all amped up and ready to perform. The band mates are present,
ready to rock for everyone. Everything is ready—well, almost. The only left
missing—which is the most important of all— would be your audience. Every band
or musician needs their audience especially when performing. They need people
to listen and enjoy their music in order to give their music its worth, and at
the same time, the audience can appreciate the music and spread the love to


enough people to watch your gig may be quite difficult if you do not know what
to do. Hunting for your audience is part of music
business promotions
, since promotions would be of great help in making you
a hit in this music business.


musicians that are starting usually miss the easy opportunities in getting
people in the seats of their upcoming gigs. There are some inexpensive ways in
promoting your garage band, indie band, or just yourself, which would not be
too expensive. Simple and cost effective methods are essential when promoting
on a budget.


of mouth is free. This would be the first step in boosting up your band and in music business promotions as a whole.
Basically, everyone in the band needs to take a proactive role in getting the
word out on future shows and gigs. Word of mouth works by telling friends,
family, coworkers, and anyone else your band knows that may be interested in
your genre of music. The pyramid style works: have your friends tell their
friends, and so on. It can be very surprising when you get to see the results
of spreading your music gig to others.


play a big role for starting musicians out there. This type of music business promotion is cheap, and
can be done by having them printed out at any local copy store in the area. A
cost effective strategy, flyers contain all the information people need in
watching you play. Design a simple flyer with the band title, logo or artwork,
genre of music, original or cover tunes, date and time of show, the website (if
there is), contact information, and the phone number and name of the venue
where you will be playing. For this, handing them to the bar and/or owner may
be the best choice, so that you yourself can be sure that the flyers will be
seen by patrons of the club. It would also help if flyers are pinned on
bulletin boards at music stores, and to places where your potential crowd hangs


this, try and contact any local newspapers or any music or entertainment
magazines in your area. They usually have weekly band listings for free, so use
this to your advantage. Concert calendars on the Internet would help too. They
also list concert dates and gigs, so find out the popular websites that has
more traffic. Remember, the more fans you get to the show, the better your
chance of getting booked there againHealth Fitness Articles, and hopefully build your music career.


Geoff Bergey

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