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The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys

You can capsulize most pop music acts by reciting how many hits theyve had and how many millions of albums theyve sold. But these conventional measurements fall short when youre assessing the impact of The Beach Boys. This band has birthed a torrent of hit singles and sold albums by the tens of millions. But its greater significance lies in the fact that The Beach Boys songs have forever changed the musical landscape, profoundly influencing countless performing artists to follow. The Beach Boys are led by Mike Love and Bruce Johnston, who, along with Jeffrey Foskett, Christian Love, Tim Bonhomme, John Cowsill, Keith Hubacher, Christian Love and Scott Totten continue the legacy of the iconic American band. Grammy-winning songwriter Bruce Johnston joined The Beach Boys in 1965, replacing Glenn Campbell, who filled-in for Brian Wilson, on vocals/bass, when he retired from touring. Highly regarded in his field, Johnstons vocal work with such legendary artists as Elton John and Pink Floyd firmly established him among rocks elite artists. Captained by Mike Love, The Beach Boys play an astoundingly busy schedule of concerts, averaging 150 shows a year, ranging from sundrenched summer festivals to gala New Years celebrations and special events across the globe. The Beach Boys have continued to create and perform with the same bold imagination and style that marked their explosive debut over 50 years ago. In 2013, their Capitol Records release, Sounds of Summer (RIAA certified triple platinum with over three million in sales and climbing), and its companion The Warmth of the Sun marked a resurgence in Beach Boys interest that again rocked the world. The Beach Boys found through their music the key to unfading youth and they made copies for everyone. To these guys, the beach isnt just a place where the surf comes to play its where life is renewed and made whole again. Had this remarkable band been less committed to its art and its fans, it could have retired from the field with honor at dozens of points along the way, confident that it had made a lasting contribution to world culture. It could have rested on the success of the epoch-shifting Pet Sounds masterpiece in 1966 or after Mike Loves concept album Endless Summer ignited a second generation of Beach Boys fans and stirred a tempest that rocked the music world or after recording Loves co-written Golden Globe nominated Kokomo in 1988 and seeing it become its best selling single ever or after being inducted that same year into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame or after watching its worldwide album sales blow past l00 million or after winning the NARAS Lifetime Achievement Award in 2001 [along with The Who, Bob Marley, Tony Bennett, Sammy Davis Jr. and Les Paul]. And still, The Beach Boys continue to have fun, fun, fun, with no end in sight. In 2012, The Beach Boys scheduled a 74 concert date limited 50th Anniversary Reunion Tour which was scheduled as a limited run reunion tour and ended in the U.S. July 15th and internationally on Sept 28th in which the original members reunited and released "That's Why God Made the Radio." The album debuted at #3 on the Billboard charts, their highest chart position in 37 years and an unprecedented milestone. In 2016, The Beach Boys celebrated the 50th anniversary of the hit Good Vibrations, which is widely considered one of the greatest masterpieces in the history of rock and roll. The band commemorated this prolific time in the life of the Beach Boys with a 50 Years of Good Vibrations tour. Additionally, front man Mike Love released his highly-anticipated New York Times best-selling memoir titled GOOD VIBRATIONS: My Life as a Beach Boy, in September 2016. Most recently in 2017, Love released a special double album through BMG entitled Unleash the Love. Featuring 13 previously unreleased songs and 14 re-recordings of Beach Boys classics, the album is a testament and continuation of Loves remarkable career. Few, if any, acts can match The Beach Boys concert presence, spirit and performance. They were center-stage at Live Aid, multiple Farm Aids, the Statue of Libertys 100th Anniversary Salute, the Super Bowl and the White House. On one day alone July 4, 1985 they played to nearly 2 million fans at shows in Philadelphia and Washington, D. C. Loves role as the bands front man sometimes overshadows his stature as one of rocks foremost songwriters. Surfin, The Beach Boys first hit came from his pen. Love wrote the classics Fun, Fun, Fun, I Get Around, Help Me Rhonda, California Girls and the Grammy nominated Good Vibrations. Years later, he showed he still had the lyrical chops by co-writing the irresistible and chart-topping Kokomo. On The Beach Boys horizon is a continued national/world tour and charity activities through Mike Loves Love Foundation, which supports national environmental and educational initiatives. Love and The Beach Boys recent efforts raised over a quarter of a million dollars for the Red Cross to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina and made additional contributions to the disaster relief in Haiti. The band has appeared on countless worldwide TV shows throughout the years including: The Ed Sullivan Show, Dick Clarks American Bandstand and The Tonight Show. Other television appearances include performances on Don Imus MSNBC show Imus In The Morning, TNTs NBA All-Star Game, NBCs Macys Day Parade, The Today Show, PBS A Capitol Fourth, Good Morning America, Weekend Today, The OReilly Factor.
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