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West Ham FC

West Ham FC is a professional English football club, located in West ham area, in the Boleyn Ground stadium in Upton Park, with capacity of 35,303 people. The club is also known by its nicknames “The Hammers” and “The Irons”. Its home colors are red, white and blue, and away colors are white and red.

The club was founded in 1895 as “Thames Ironworks F.C” from the first professional Essex club Old Castle Swifts F.C. The club holds as its symbol a crossed pair of rivet hammers and a castle. First playing on amateur basis, the team started playing professional tournaments three years later. They entered the Second Division and almost immediately were promoted to the First Division. In 1919 the club joined the full Football League, and since then had won the several important tournaments: three FA Cups, Cup Winners Cup, Intertoto Cup, War Cup and many others.  

The team has thousands of supporters and many fan clubs. West Ham fans sing the club’s anthem; visit the matches, read West Ham news and articles about West Hams. The fans of the club are also known for hooliganism in the base during the games.

West Ham is particularly known for its rivalries with other clubs, such as Tottenham HotspurHealth Fitness Articles, Chelsea Millwall and Arsenal. West Ham rumors and gossip attract football viewers sometimes even more than the games themselves. West Ham is known as the most powerful clubs in the U.K. and attracts attention to its games and daily practice.

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