Florida Keys Traveler podcast

23: Kayak Through a Mangrove Tunnel, Where the Trees Meet the Seas

What’s an aquatic tumbleweed? Can tiny, indigenous Key deer swim? And how does a barracuda trick its prey?

Find out as you kayak among the mangroves with host Elizabeth Harryman Lasley and producer Jason Paton. We join Bill Keogh, a naturalist, author, and photographer who guides us across the water and into hidden tree-lined canopies in the Lower Florida Keys. Listen to the wind, hear a yellow-crowned night heron, and feel nature’s calm envelop you.

To book your own kayak tour with Bill Keogh, or to buy his book, the “Florida Keys Paddling Guide,” go to keyskayaktours.com.

For more details and travel inspiration, visit Fla-Keys.com. To call from the United States or Canada, dial 1 (800) FLA-KEYS or contact your travel advisor. Produced by Armchair Productions, the audio experts for the travel industry.

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