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38: Episode 38 | Garrett Hollowell from the band Dead Words

Hello phriends! We are mixing it up a little this week because my guest, Garrett Hollowell, is in a punk band called Dead Words. How is this relevant to Jimmy Buffett you say? Well I am glad you asked. They just released a new EP called Patron Saints of Paradise Vibes that basically answers the question of what it would sound like if Jimmy Buffett wrote punk rock songs. It even has a killer cover of Margaritaville! We talk about Garrett’s experiences listening to Jimmy Buffett, the emotional stories behind the songs on this EP, the similarities between the punk scene and the parrot head scene, and how Jimmy Buffett himself is punk rock. Trust me, you do not want to miss this fascinating and educational (at least to me, because I didn’t know much about punk before) interview!

The charity Garrett Picked for this episode is Dallas Hope Charities and you can find out more about the organization here:

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