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Backyards of Key West Podcast with Mark Baratto 180: #180 – My Interview on the WorthWhile Podcast

In this episode, Mark Baratto sits down with Tyler Steigelman on the WorthWhile Spotlight podcast for my first time on the hot seat for a full length interview.

We talk about my first job out of college, living in NYC, starting a career as a full-time trader, and the birth of the Backyards of Key West brand.

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I have worked with startups, created my own company, been part of businesses that have closed their doors, and have been part of businesses with a successful exit or two. I am always learning from podcasts, books, and the people I interview for my own podcast; but more importantly, I am always teaching and sharing everything I have learned and put to the test.

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Geoff Bergey

Florida Native, Traveler, Photographer, Lover of Life, Clouds and Key Lime Pie.

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