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Backyards of Key West Podcast with Mark Baratto 235: 235 – From KWSOAPS to E11DROPS: Embracing Change

In this episode, join Mark Baratto in a conversation with Mariam Tvaliashvili, the visionary behind the transformation from KWSOAPS to E11DROPS. Discover the significant changes that have taken place in the three years since their last discussion. Mariam shares insights into the bold decisions she made, including expanding her team and doubling the storefront. Explore the global aspirations of the newly rebranded E11DROPS.


For the past three years, our company operated under the name KWSOAPS—a self-explanatory title. However, as of January 2024, we proudly announce our new identity: E11DROPS. The logo now features “soaps and skincare,” each element holding profound meaning. Stay tuned for a detailed explanation of the significance behind each letter, number, word, and symbol.

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