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Backyards of Key West Podcast with Mark Baratto 238: Episode 238 – Phat Slabs: The Artistry of Ryan Halligan

In This Episode:

Join Mark Baratto as he sits down with the remarkably talented Ryan Halligan, the artist and visionary behind Phat Slabs. Dive into Ryan’s captivating journey from his initial foray into woodworking and resin art to finding his true passion. Discover the inspirations drawn from the lush landscapes of Florida that fuel his creativity. Ryan also shares his aspirations, including the hope of one day sharing his story on Joe Rogan’s podcast, showcasing the depth and vision behind his art.

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Ryan’s Story:

Emerging from the sun-drenched beauty of Tampa, Florida, Ryan Halligan’s entrance into the world of woodworking and resin art was both serendipitous and transformative. At 20 years old, he discovered his ability to turn wood into captivating narratives and dreams, marking the beginning of an extraordinary journey.

Influenced by Florida’s coastal charm and its array of exotic woods, Ryan found his calling. He uses these natural materials as his canvas, with epoxy resin serving as a medium to highlight and preserve the beauty of the wood. His art not only reflects the enchanting landscapes of Florida but also embodies the dynamic interplay between the natural and the refined.

Settling in Key West, Ryan immersed himself in an environment that nurtured his creativity and allowed his artistic vision to flourish. His work, ranging from tables to wall art, is a vibrant homage to Florida’s waterways, capturing the essence of the state’s beauty through the interplay of color, texture, and form.

Now at 25, Ryan continues to explore the endless possibilities that wood and resin present. Each piece he creates is a celebration of nature’s splendor and a reflection of his deep respect for the environment that inspires him. Through his art, Ryan aims to evoke the tranquility of Florida’s shores, the mystery of its hidden coves, and the majestic beauty of the ocean.

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