Former Marines Pose for Breast Cancer Calendar

Former Camp
LeJeune Marines Pose for Breast Cancer Calendar


13 former
Marines with ties to Camp LeJeune posed for a calendar highlighting  their personal struggles with breast
cancer. The calendar is designed to raise awareness of men’s breast cancer and to
highlight the disease’s environmental causes.


Breast Cancer, the Environment: A Photographic Journey,” was organized by Ellie
Anbinder, head of the Framingham, Mass.-based breast cancer foundation Art
beCause.  Anbinder and  Peter Devereaux of North Andover,
Massachusetts, and former Camp LeJeune Marine discussed the creation of a
calendar dedicated exclusively to the cluster of men who believe their breast
cancer was caused by exposure to the chemical solvents and suspected
carcinogens that once comtaminated the Camp Lejeune drinking water supply. 


you’re a guy and you get diagnosed with breast cancer, you feel like you’re the
only one. It’s not like you have a network to support you,” Devereaux said.
“It’s really been a quest to try to make sense of this crazy disease, to help
other guys come out of their isolation, so to speak, and let them know that
there’s help out there.”


cancer in men is a serious health concern and taking a loving look at these men
and their artistic efforts to tell their story, is a beautiful, bold
statement.  The new “Breastcentric”
comedy show, The D-Cup Diatribes attempts to highlight with positivity and
lightheartedness the growing number of men suffering from breast cancer.  The number of women by far surpasses
that of the male sufferers and survivors but bringing a sense of art,
self-expression and compassion is at the core of this new show.


The broader
statement is You Are Not Alone. 
The audiences attending The D-Cup Diatribes is full of breast cancer
survivors, their family and friends. 
The playwright, Melody Swink, has garnered Raves from these women and
the “Breastimonials” can be found at


Like Miss Swink, Ellie Anbinder called a project
linking the work of her foundation and the stories of these men a match made in
heaven.  “I had never known a man
who had breast cancer. Statistically, men don’t get breast cancer. There are
usually a thousand cases diagnosed a year,” she said.

Swink is very proud to present her characters in a
way that touches, enlightens and rejuvenates the spirit.  Two of her characters are either facing
or are recovering from mastectomies, and though the topic is not funny.  Human nature and personal perspective
is, however.  The D-Cup Diatribes
begins its Breast Cancer Awareness Month Tour on October 8th in New
York with stops in Massachusetts, CT, NH and beyond…  Join The D-Cups in supporting The American Cancer Society
and nestle in the warmth of the human stories told with wit and playfulness,
and emerge with lifted spirits and hope.

For former Marine, Devereaux, the release of the
calendar comes on the heels of a significant personal victory: Only weeks ago,
he became one of the few veterans affected by Lejeune water contamination to
receive 100-percent disability from the department of Veterans Affairs because
of his exposure to the contaminated water.  Heroic effort. 
A real D-Cups Dude.

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visit  To get Tour Dates and Cities for The D-Cups visit

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