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The Keys Weekly Podcast: Alex Counts Changes Lives & Fights Poverty

People talk about changing the world every day, but some actually make the mission a lifelong journey. The last time we spoke with author, professor and philanthropist Alex Counts on the Keys Weekly Podcast, we discussed his book, “When in Doubt. Ask for More: And 213 Other Life and Career Lessons for Mission-Driven Leaders.” During his most recent visit, Counts discusses his book, “Small Loans Big Dreams,” which shares intimate stories about how microfinance and the Grameen Bank have changed the lives of impoverished women and their families in America and across the globe. Counts discusses why we should rethink how the world approaches loans and how his microfinance approach, created by his mentor Muhammad Yunus, applies practical life tools and valuable lessons, in addition to the loans, to change the trajectory of poverty. 

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