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29: Quintessentially the Keys: Resilience, Jimmy Buffett and The Conch Republic

What’s the significance of Mallory Square in Key West? What does Jimmy Buffett represent to the Florida Keys? And just what is The Conch Republic? 

We celebrate the Keys’ fun, quirkiness and a fierce independence in this episode. Join host Elizabeth Harryman Lasley in Mallory Square to catch the sunset. Learn more about the famous songwriter who embodies the Keys. Discover how the Keys became known as The Conch Republic after a U.S. Border Patrol blockade in 1982.

To learn about Mallory Square, go to  mallorysquare.com/sunset-celebration/. For more about The Conch Republic, visit conchrepublic.com.

For travel details inspiration, visit Fla-Keys.com. To call from the United States or Canada, dial 1 (800) FLA-KEYS or contact your travel advisor. Produced by Armchair Productions, the audio experts for the travel industry.

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